Bones – In advanced cases, testicular cancer may spread.

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N0 means that no lymph nodes are affected. Less severe cases of testicular cancer can be treated with chemotherapy and less invasive treatments. ; M stands for.


The ultrasound scanner has a microphone that gives off sound waves. . .

. These are called the retroperitoneal lymph nodes.

Your doctor may call these lymph nodes the retroperitoneal lymph nodes.

The ultrasound scanner has a microphone that gives off sound waves.

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Cancer that is more advanced can also spread to the bones or the liver. There are three categories of outlook for non seminoma testicular cancer that has spread.

Stage 2 testicular cancers have spread to the lymph nodes.

These are called the retroperitoneal lymph nodes. More advanced stages of testicular cancer may. They are.

. Stage IIB (T1a/T1b/T1C, T2a/T2b, N1, M0): The tumor is 3-5 cm across in size. It has not spread to the lymph nodes or other organs. ago. Testicular cancer is a relatively rare malignancy affecting younger men with an estimated 9,310 men in the United States diagnosed and 400 going on to die of their disease in 2018 (1,2). The testicles also produce and store sperm, the male cells needed for reproduction.

Testicular cancer spread to lymph nodes.

In some cases, they can reach other parts of the body like your brain or liver. Regional: The cancer has spread outside the testicle to nearby structures or lymph nodes.

The doctor told me that testicular cancer travels upward to the lungs so I had to get chest x rays luckily it didn’t reach past the lymph nodes.



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Distant: The cancer has spread to distant parts of the body, such as the lung, liver, or distant lymph nodes.