The Knowledge of Power trophy is earned from completing.

In search of a tomb you have to go to the Umina region. Just Cause 4 Mysteries of the Lost Tomb of Otorongo.


Solís Hoy radio channel has an interview with an actor who plays the ancestor of Oscar Espinosa in a historical movie.

Then play some billiard and that's it. . If you haven't taken over the Delta Rio Wanay region yet, you won't be able to use fast travel option to get to the tomb - in such case you have to get there by standard methods.

Use the Retractor (grappling hook modification) to activate the lever.

To find the lever, turn towards a small light - just follow the pillars. That will also reveal the challenges you have to. .

He asks you to meet him in the city of Quba, which opens up a new side. .

The boulder will release down the side of the cliff where it will.


Javi Huertes thinks he can prove otherwise, and. New 🏆 Merch - https://tinyurl.

Just Cause 4: Full Map + All Locations + Secrets. Setting and plot The new nation is Solís, located in South America.

Yeah, you need to find the tombs and do the challenges there.


Jan 4, 2019 · How to complete the Tumba Del Sabio tomb? When you reach the place you will quickly see the location, but to reach the head of the statue you have to find the entrance to the underground.

Fallout 4 Map. You can start with any of them but you will first need to unlock the regions they are located in to unlock the missions. .

There is notably a financial center downtown with touristy/commercial/office buildings along the coast identified as tall, modern glass skyscrapers. . The in-game map description states "After Otorongo's assassination, his servant Sumaq laid down in his own tomb, and poisoned himself in the blackness. Essentially, you should be facing towards the pond next to Altoyaku. .


. A stadium is located west of.


Help Javi in the Uncover the Truth Questline: Tumba de la Princesa.

How to Unlock Tomb Missions [].

So i was roaming around the map when i found this little town east of Colle Salrosa but it didnt have any name or even a marker, the only thing there is a Di Ravello tape.

Here i am providing all the secret locations of.